SCCAN Listserv

The SCCAN listserv is a private forum for state/territory CCDF administrators and their staff. It offers a real-time discussion board for members to engage in dialogue with their peers by posing questions, offering insights, providing coaching and mentoring, and sharing resources.

Here’s how it works.

  • When a new state administrator is hired, they are referred to the listserv in a variety of ways – through their staff, a technical assistance provider or federal CCDF staff (usually regional).
  • An account is set up when you become a member of SCCAN or by contacting Leigh Bolick, SCCAN executive director, at SCCAN uses a voluntary membership dues model: the amount you actually pay is up to you. This way, all state/territory administrators can engage in these robust discussions, regardless of the state’s position on memberships or ability to pay.
  • Upon membership request, the SCCAN executive director verifies the person requesting access is a state administrator. If the individual is state staff, she will obtain approval from the relevant state administrator.
  • SCCAN will set up a user account and password for the new member.
  • As staff leave a state/territory, SCCAN asks that you notify the executive director so the membership can be closed. Periodically, we may contact state administrators to verify membership changes.
  • The executive director monitors the listserv on an ongoing basis, but communicates through it rarely – generally to provide listserv updates. This ensures the conversations are entirely between state/territory members.
  • The executive director handles all listserv troubleshooting and member questions as needed.

How is it structured?

The listserv is an online forum, where users can post inquiries, answer questions, attach documents and share resources.

  • All daily entries are batched and sent via email each morning to all users.
  • The listserv contains an override feature that provides members with a more timely mechanism for sending messages to peer members if there is an immediate need.
  • All messages are archived by category and available to members around the clock.

Still have questions?

Contact Leigh Bolick, SCCAN Executive Director at