Resources that impact public awareness

As a SCCAN member, you’ll have access to professionally produced public awareness campaign materials that otherwise may not be affordable for your state organization and curated resources from professionals around the nation. We’ve already developed two campaigns to increase awareness of quality child care among parents. Each of these is customizable for your state organization.

This is a series of six highly entertaining videos that chronicle a young couple’s journey of child care considerations, from pregnancy to toddlerhood.

This webisode campaign is designed to promote the importance of early care and education in general and to encourage parents to learn about their state/territory quality initiatives. It is specifically designed to appeal to parents. In addition, each message can accommodate an individual state’s logo and customized information. The storyline is based around a young couple, “Luis and Caroline,” as they find out they are pregnant, and then try to navigate choices for their daughter’s early education. Each message addresses an important early child care decision, yet delivers the essentials in an entertaining way. The messages are designed to live on a state’s website and are supported by digital teaser ads that drive viewers from a state’s social channel of choice to its child care informational website. The campaign is intended to build public awareness about the state’s quality child care/education system, as well as to drive views and shares for the website.

To view the webisodes, login through the member portal and access the resources page within the listserv.

This video series is designed to showcase how all parents (including parents with limited resources) can create learning experiences at home. The campaign is supported by a digital marketing strategy and creative materials.  

The videos are designed to accommodate parents’ busy schedules, lasting two minutes or less. Each one inspires parents to interact with their child in a new way and is perfect for sharing on social channels in addition to living on a state’s early child care website in a section designed for parents. (“Learning through Play,” “More information about education,” etc.)

To view the videos, login through the member portal and access the resources page within the listserv.